Dr. Kyle Vincent

Family Physician

Dr. Kyle Vincent

Family Physician

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What is a care team?

Our physicians are proud to pair with PA’s and NP’s. Together they’re able to work as a team to oversee your health by communicating and discussing action plans together. With care teams, there is better access for patients to see their providers in a timely manner, even same day. We believe care teams offer a more complete, elevated experience for our patients.

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Dr. Kyle Vincent



After graduating from TVHS, he graduated from Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia and then from Wake Forest University School of Medicine. After completing his residency back in Atlanta, Dr. Vincent felt the inevitable pull back to California and back to his home town of Temecula. 

Dr. Vincent has a more modern, holistic approach on medicine. His goal is to individualize each of his patients needs and create a rapport with them. Dr. Vincent believes that one medical strategy may not fit all, or in his words, not all patients are “cookie cutter”. His drive as a physician is to educate his patients with the knowledge he has gleaned so that they can make the lifestyle changes outside of the clinic. Dr. Vincent strives to partner with his patients and make an individualized health plan so they are educated in the health decisions that affect them.

Dr. Vincent puts a great emphasis on exercise for both physical and mental health, and there is no better place to be outdoors than Southern California with its great weather. Dr. Vincent enjoys a variety of outdoor activities like camping, skiing, and playing football and really puts an emphasis on movement being integral to overall health.

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Dr. Kyle Vincent

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How do I request a prescription refill?

You can request a prescription refill by logging into your MyChart account and requesting a refill on the Medications page, or you can call (951) 676-4193 to request a refill over the phone.