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Dr. Kyle Vincent



After graduating from TVHS, he graduated from Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia and then from Wake Forest University School of Medicine. After completing his residency back in Atlanta, Dr. Vincent felt the inevitable pull back to California and back to his home town of Temecula. 

Dr. Vincent has a more modern, holistic approach on medicine. His goal is to individualize each of his patients needs and create a rapport with them. Dr. Vincent believes that one medical strategy may not fit all, or in his words, not all patients are “cookie cutter”. His drive as a physician is to educate his patients with the knowledge he has gleaned so that they can make the lifestyle changes outside of the clinic. Dr. Vincent strives to partner with his patients and make an individualized health plan so they are educated in the health decisions that affect them.

Dr. Vincent puts a great emphasis on exercise for both physical and mental health, and there is no better place to be outdoors than Southern California with its great weather. Dr. Vincent enjoys a variety of outdoor activities like camping, skiing, and playing football and really puts an emphasis on movement being integral to overall health.

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Dr. Kyle Vincent

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Dr. Kyle Vincent Intro Video:

Hello I’m Dr. Kyle Vincent I practice at the Redhawk office with Rancho Family Medical Group. I went to medical school at Wake Forest University School of Medicine in Winston-Salem North Carolina I completed my residency in Atlanta Georgia and I’ve been practicing medicine for over seven years now my overall approach to medicine is to really tailor all of my treatment plans to each patient I really try to limit the amount of medication that folks are on I take a very holistic approach and knowing what you eat knowing what meds you’ve been prescribed before in the past but more importantly i’m really focusing on kind of how you want your future to be I have a lot of things I like to do outside of medicine I have a dog I’m really big into my family I like to travel I like to work out recently picked up scuba diving I go golfing really being active and enjoying and exploring and seeing knowing different things is something I really like to do I’m Dr. Kyle Vincent and I would love to partner with you and your health.

Dr. Kyle Vincent Mental Health:

Hey everyone my name is Sienna Boyd with Rancho Family Medical Group and today we are here with Dr. Kyle Vincent hey Dr. Vincent how’s it going I’m good today we wanted to talk about mental health and honestly that comes in a lot of different packages diet specifically mental health or like self-care exercises and then food so let’s dive right in I want to know first and foremost what do you do for your mental health at the end of the day from clinic how do you unwind so it a variety of ways um and I think that’s important for mental health that there’s no real one right answer um for myself everyone’s different yeah you know so working out is is the big part of my mental health it’s the 30 to 45 minutes that you know headphones in can block a whole lot out um and it’s for me um uh you know watching tv shows uh towards the end of the day depending on what what genre you’re into you know again kind of an unplugging because I think a big part of mental health is one you want to um reward yourself for for working hard doing what you have to do on a daily basis and then the other thing is you want to you know reinforce that you’re you’re keeping yourself thought of um and what you’re doing so however you get that whether it’s cooking yourself a meal whether it’s working out whether it’s reading a book that you would like um I tend to find that most things when it’s the opposite of what you are responsible for you know working out I’m responsible for myself but you know you know your job and stuff like that you know don’t pick up an article that’s related to your work necessarily because kind of technically you’re still working so um just little stuff like that um you know you just find out and then try new things um again for myself I like to push the envelope on learning new things that that’s a big thing what are you learning right now so learning how to cook a little bit more okay so I you know want to eat healthy stay healthy and and meal prepping is excellent and I and I really do like that it’s a really easy good way to keep your weight down and eat good healthy foods and um gives you good energy and everything like that but I also want to you know kind of expand my reach in the kitchen so so transitioning into food because you are learning more recipes learning more skills in the kitchen um as far as food is concerned for your mental health what kinds of foods would you recommend or what kind of foods do you eat to keep sharp make sure that your mood stabilized all of that good stuff so um when you’re eating kind of poorly whether it’s fast foods or a lot of processed foods quick easy hit stuff you know yeah you’re gonna feel full but then you just feel maybe bloated you feel tired um and that’s not necessarily the way food’s supposed to make you feel it really isn’t I mean I’m not the biggest skin care person but you know your skin might feel drier or something like that that being said when you’re eating healthier with your leaner meats and your your more fresh vegetables and um your better kind of grains uh you know depending where you’re getting them eating healthy snacks like nuts as opposed to chips those kinds of things um you feel lighter and you feel and food gives you energy which is what it’s supposed to do and you you feel a lot different after each meal that you have and that’s really the goal um where it gives you you know the fuel that you want to be able to do a lot of things that you want to continue to do and every meal should not feel like thanksgiving dinner oh as much as we wanted to exactly exactly so that’s really the kind of tenets of how you want to kind of build uh what you cook which is where I’m starting from so so for you are there some tenants that you just really try to live by like do you only eat lean meats do you not eat fried foods or what are some of the things that you do in your life to keep you healthy keep your mind sharp all of that so uh I do try to have my last meal by seven o’clock so so just from a peer time standpoint I try to you know yes it would probably fall into the category of intermittent fasting um you know 12 and 12 12 hours on 12 hours off so if my last meal is before seven then I more than likely will be able to meet that mark regardless of what I eat getting into what specifically yes absolutely your leaner meats and fish and then it can expand too I mean that’s the thing that’s nice about it or it doesn’t have to be this overly bland um boring doesn’t taste very good kind of diet I mean yes the carbs taste good and some of the other processed stuff takes taste excellent but you know you got to do that in moderation but you can still make a really a lot of healthy food taste really good I think that’s kind of a misconception that if you’re eating healthfully then it doesn’t taste good or you can’t feel satisfied it has to be planned chicken broccoli the whole time but it’s not you can have delicious food not at all I mean there’s so many different ways you can do spinach there’s so many ways you can do brussel sprouts different kinds of broccoli I mean you can just kind of really mix it up from a vegetable standpoint and then the meat you know whether it’s different uh marinade that you use or sauce that you use or something like that grilling it baking it and honestly you know even if you do fry it you know kind of getting some good healthy batter and not making it just just very saturated carbs and stuff like that even those are really good so it’s it’s and then proportion wise you know you can still have your good healthy other foods that you like to to indulge you in moderation in moderation exactly so we talked about fueling our body you also talked about how exercise is something that’s really big for you and your mental health so tell us about your exercise routine what do you like to do so uh it varies between from a cardio standpoint sometimes I run sometimes I’ll do the Stairmaster which is really good you know really work your big muscle groups so exhausting it is exhausting but it’s really healthy because it really gets your heart rate up so I really like to get that get a good sweat going because physically for me I need to know that I’m sweating kind of reinforcing I’m working hard but then um lifting weights and then finding different body motions you know it doesn’t have to be a whole lot of weights but I like to also keep my flexibility so just full body weight exercises and motions and movements are things that I like to do so you kind of get some things from CrossFit you can get some things from um other just kind of instruction um I know we’ve done videos with you with pilates which I know that’s great for mobility good for your back all of that and it’s really good with core strength and that’s the other thing you know um you know the winter olympics you know you see all these different sports and stuff and a lot of the motions and movements and and twisting and turning a lot of it has to do with your core and it’s one of the things that it’s under uh appreciated I think um you know can you stand on a bose ball can you stand on one foot can you twist your body like this you know the pilates can you hold this position and a lot of those things are all really related to your core and the stronger your core is the better your back will feel and and um you know the better your flexibility will be and just as as we all you know go through life with whatever activities you want to do maintaining flexibility core strength um they’re going to be important they’re going to be useful for that so it’s really really important that I maintain those and switching up the exercises again kind of learning something new is something I always like to try I love that I love that you practice what you preach you’re a doctor in the clinic asking your patients to be healthy and instructing them on how to live their best life and so you’re just like implementing that absolutely because it it it really gets it the ability to enjoy things you know my vacations and and travels and things you know do we want to hike here we’re going to ATV there we’re going to walk on the beach whatever are we gonna you know hike in the snow or something like that and and while the activity might not be you know a sport necessarily the ability to enjoy it and just like take it in stride I really like to do and and I think that a lot of people um would prefer that you know people have grandkids and they’re running around at Disneyland I mean you don’t want to miss the Disneyland trip because you don’t want to walk around I mean that kind of stuff is important you know shopping and you know these huge malls or what may have you not my forte I won’t shout that much that’s actually how my grandma gets her exercise she tells me yeah I just go shopping I walk around stores for an hour and I get my steps in I’m like grandma whatever you can do good for you you’re you’re getting movement in exactly exactly you know grocery shopping or cooking I mean those all of these activities are really really beneficial and it reinforces again you know you you your body gets used to what it gets used to so hopefully people are living a very healthy active lifestyle and and they want to continue to push the envelope on that and continue to do it thanks well Dr. Vincent thanks for just sitting with us talking about what you do to keep your mental health up keep you healthy um exercising eating all of that thanks for sharing your tips and tricks absolutely until next time Dr. Vincent is accepting new patients at our red hawk location so if you’re looking for a new doctor check us out

Dr. Kyle Vincent Pesto Pasta Salad:

All right everybody we are back one more time Stephen with Rancho Family Medical Group Dr. Kyle Vincent how’s it going guys Temecula south location Redhawk um so we’ve got one more recipe to do together and we did some avocado toast earlier for a whole 30 recipe um we did a keto recipe with some we’re gonna call it bacon BLT but there was no bacon and it was more of a malt with some mushrooms avocado lettuce and tomato and and this next one is going to be focusing on the mediterranean diet and it’s going to be a pasta salad that’s a great snack great thing to take to lunch if you’re going to do some meal prep and it meal preps really really well um but as far as the mediterranean diet it’s a it’s an easier diet to stick to give me a little bit of insight on the medicine it’s a lot more it is more of a lifestyle change very different than the whole 30 which is a really gauntlet of a challenge where you cut out a lot of stuff alcohol wheat gluten a whole host of other things mediterranean is a lot less restrictive because it is more of a lifestyle switch alcohol or wine necessity specifically is actually encouraging one glass of wine daily good antioxidants there are benefits to a mild amount moderate amount of alcohol um it obviously we’re doing pasta with you know some cheese and some nuts and obviously vegetables fruits are very very big on the mediterranean diet and again the reason why it’s one of the longer standing diets and why it’s got a lot more background data and research is because people can stick to it longer right I mean that’s that’s the best way to track anything whether it’s lowering heart disease or you know weight loss or anything like that is that you want to put folks on diets that they can maintain in mediterranean diets you definitely can perfect cause I know I mean the keto diet is it can be such a great tool for weight loss but I also know it’s not super easy to stick to it I’ve attempted to say it

the restrictions and in the long run you get a little bit you your benefits are more long term as opposed to keto or a whole 30 being it’s restricted where you know 30 days two months three months out it’s like okay I got my results I’m good to go you know one of those things where this can be maintained a little bit easier okay so i do this recipe is really great because you can you know you can make it on a Sunday and bring it to work throughout the week is more of a meal prep concept but first thing we’re going to do take some of these tomatoes if you don’t mind just kind of cutting those in half so as far as the ingredients this is a really great pasta that’s going to be prepped right so for the pasta itself this is a whole wheat um we use the fusilli uh pasta I love the texture I love kind of the bite that it has but if you have a preference it doesn’t like make or break the recipe I just like the way this holds and kind of gets coated with all the sauce um but again we went whole wheat uh you can do cauliflower pasta I’ve seen you ever had that before yes it’s good it looked like it was pretty good but there were sweet potato options but really go for the whole wheat whole grain versus the just like bleached white flour we’ve got some parmesan cheese that’s already been shredded here and we’ve got some walnuts you can use pine nuts as another substitution for this pesto but I really like the walnuts I like the flavor that it gives a really nutty bite to it and then we’ve got a cup of spinach and a cup of fresh basil if you like you know if you review just a big basil fan you can do more you can do maybe a cup and a half two cups of basil i did one of each just to kind of split it up get the spinach as one of the best greens you can eat I mean you should be in everybody’s diet it’s great perfect yeah like Popeye man looked the way he did for a reason um and then we got two garlic cloves so do me a favor real quick just go ahead and lay your knife flat right over the top of them and give them a good press down right there and crush it perfect and go do the other one as well that right there is just kind of breaks it up we’re going to put all the ingredients in the food processor anyway so we don’t need to like dice them but all we’ll do is take this and remove that right so we’ll go ahead and throw both of those garlic cloves in perfect just like that and then again we’ve got our spinach and our basil we’ll throw in here if you want to throw a little bit actually you can throw all of that in there we’ve got our the nuts and the parmesan cheese going inside as well perfect

and then we’re just going to do a nice pinch or two of salt you want to do a nice pinch of pepper

perfect and this is a fourth a cup of olive oil um you can use grapeseed oil you can use um avocado oil if you have a preference that you like olive oil is just great it’s very good for you it’s a very good fat obviously you need that ratio in there and there’s good fats and bad fats this oil is just a really good fat have you ever heard of first pressed olive oil or are you familiar with that okay so when you buy olive oil there is different kinds of how they remove the oil from it okay first pressed means that they don’t heat it up they are just crushing and it gets there so all of the nutrients are still in there okay so if you don’t see first pressed on the olive oil it’s just not as good it’s probably less expensive but by heating it up you just lose a bunch of the nutrients right so it’ll say on there that’s one of those things that they will probably proclaim like first pressed oil um again you may have been a couple dollars more but overall really really good so everything’s in here these will just be mixed on the side as well as our pasta we’re gonna go ahead throw this on here and we’ll pulse it up and be good to go okay so we went ahead and blended up all the ingredients in the pesto you can see it’s right here really nice uh delicious flavor here we’ve got our pasta and then we’ve got our tomatoes and broccoli you can use fresh broccoli what you know you can easily do is while this is boiling towards the very end throw in the broccoli in the boiling water yeah it’ll cook it to the end drain it all make it nice um I’m not gonna lie to you this is frozen broccoli that I microwaved and thawed out because it’s just the same right so we’re gonna do is that way um I feel like it’s very healthy overall yeah the carbs are in the pasta but um everything else for fresh fruit fresh vegetables really beautiful colored gonna look really nice so let me go ahead and throw this in if you want to throw I don’t know some of it you don’t do all of it give a nice little bit arguably a spoon could be helpful but we don’t have that so we’re just gonna make that work right there perfect and that’s the textured texture you want if you add more oil it’s gonna be oily which is not what you want so we’re gonna go this route perfect and you can watch all these fancy shows and they have these beautiful tongs and it takes them 30 minutes to mix it but let’s be honest too give me give me a shake right here yeah this is more realistic

perfect so this is not your first time on camera though no it’s not I had had a couple of appearances on my sister’s show My Feet are Killing Me which was fun although you know I was more the patient on that show not necessarily helping out as much so this is this is a little different dynamic but fun nonetheless what was that like let’s see what was that like kind of being on like a because it’s like a Hollywood production oh it is it’s it’s crazy the cameras and and the production teams and it’s amazing the angles and closeness you know they filmed me and they got really close to my face because they want to see like the reactions of certain things and I was just you know focused on what my sister was doing

and when that when I saw the episode I was like oh wow they really got all my facial expressions when I was like either freaking out or my eyes got bigger or I mean it’s just they really capture it all so I mean it’s it was it was good they had the whole like uh um you know set up in the other room and just I mean just the professionalism of it all it was just I mean the screens and the shots and the communication with oh do that one more time or move here I mean it was it was great I mean my sister’s got a very nice office but it is amazing how much stuff they fit into those tight space basically it’s like how do you not get the other cameras you know in the shot they’re like perfect right they’re like perfect you know you don’t want to touch anything because it’s like that button’s a lot of money that one’s a whole lot of money there’s hundreds of buttons so it’s like but no they’re smiling exactly exactly awesome those guys are really good at what they do well that’s what I mean we we put this together obviously to educate the community on healthy resources I mean my only objective is the Food Network so I’m just going to send this to them yeah I need you to get me on that show this is really my call to fame here so yeah we’re going to get this plated up real quick give this a taste test but you can just see the the colors of it I know I got my zoom lens over here just the the color the brightness you know um this diet is about eating in color eating seasons um eating fried foods fresh in season and it’s going to come together really well so we’re going to plate this up real quick take one more bite and we’re just going to look at everything we made for the day and kind of do a nice little recap how’s that sound that’s fine cool it’s great all right so we’ve got three recipes in you came in saying you were like maybe a three or four on the cooking scale yeah where are we at now what about a seven you feel something we’re about a seven okay you know three meals you know you can get maybe a point a meal or however that works out but I mean you know we got three different types of diets and um a really good all the very healthy options you know with keto paleo and um a mediterranean all very good meals and and I’m excited for them and they all look very good they taste very good while we were making them and everything else so um yeah and then the skill sets with the preparation you feel like you can go home feel like I don’t feel like I can pull this off okay I feel like I can pull this up that’s where Maddie’s on the grill is awesome and the pesto with the blender and mixing it all in also all very good stuff so I’m feeling I’m feeling a lot more confident leaving than when I came in perfect well that’s what matters so I guess just a small recap we have the avocado toast yeah okay a really good it’s not quite keto because there are quite a bit of carbs in the potatoes but it’s just a good whole 30 recipe exactly right um substituting the the toast for the sweet potato we grilled it you can do it in the oven you can do it in the toaster I’m gonna put a little asterisk on that because I haven’t personally done it I just I’ve heard you can put in the toaster um you know then we have our this is a keto specific BLT right subbing out bacon for mushrooms if you didn’t watch that that video recipe definitely go take a look that sounds crazy to substitute it I promise you we ate some in the bread we did it’s really good it’s good it’s very good no we’re not gonna lie do you say it tastes exactly like bacon but it is a very solid substitute perfect love that and then we got the pasta right here which we just made a few minutes ago and that is a really nice mediterranean recipe a diet that’s just it’s good for anybody it’s good it’s good it’s great for meal prep because it’s pasta obviously you can eat a cold you can heat it up if you like the more fresh vegetables and fruits that you add to it all very good we obviously added broccoli tomatoes with ours so it’s excellent so yes this was this was incredible we’d love for you guys to try these at home take pictures send them to us tag us either on our like instagram and facebook or email us uh [email protected] we would love to see these we’ll share them as well we love hearing people come in and saying what they’ve tried of ours so hopefully you can go in talk to Dr. Vincent about what you’ve tried and maybe get some some diet suggestions exactly I always like to see those good numbers pop up on cholesterol levels blood pressure all the good things medically that we like to match the diet to your overall health so that’s always good to kind of have that accountability partners and all that so I’m anxious to see what everybody comes up with and their version of what we made perfect so take a look at the other ones and then just like there are all these recipes they are designed for your health and your education if you also go to the you can choose health dot com you as well you did a pilates course yeah literally right right we filmed in the same backyard we’re just stealing some person’s backyard and we filmed it here and it’s an incredible course on very good courses breathing techniques core strengthening really stretching out your back keeping the back flexible um just a whole host of things to really really um keep your body engaged to where it relax uh relaxes your muscles and therefore you won’t be in as much pain I mean keep balancing everything else so it’s really really good awesome we’ll take a look at those let us know how you guys enjoyed them and we’ll see you next time right here on Choose Health thank you

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