Dr. Nermeen Akladeos

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Dr. Nermeen Akladeos

Family Physician

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Dr. Nermeen Akladeos


Dr. Nermeen Akladeos graduated from Ain Shams University in Egypt and went on to intern in Kenya for a CDC program dealing with HIV prevention. Dr. Akladeos then finished residency with UHS SoCal in Family Medicine at Temecula Valley Hospital.

After studying in Egypt and Kenya, she highly values preventative medicine. She believes its the most effective and efficient way to approach medicine. Dr. Akladeos is also passionate about weight loss and womens health.

Dr. Akladeos chose to study medicine because she saw the impact in her early life. She grew up volunteering in the clinic at her Catholic school, and from that, she saw how the nurses were making a difference and changing peoples lives every time that they went in. Now she is the one who gets to make a difference and help her community.

Dr. Akladeos has two boys who are both involved in scout activities, and she loves spending time with them as they participate in community service, hiking, and camping.

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Want to become a patient?

Taralyn Johnson


Hi, my name is Taralyn Johnson. I’m from the Menifee/ Murrieta area and graduated high school at Calvary Chapel High School in Murrieta. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Health Science and my Master of Science Degree at California Baptist University in Riverside, California.

I chose to pursue medicine because I have always been interested in science and trying to understand how the human body works. I love being able to to be a part of a patient’s health journey, building that patient-provider relationship with someone, and helping someone improve their health and quality of life.

Some of my favorite hobbies include spending time with family, going to the driving range, golfing, and disk golf. Getting out in the sun on nice days here in Southern California is something that is really important to me.

Physician Assistant Taralyn Johnson

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Dr. Akladeos Intro video:

Hello I’m Dr. Nermeen Akladeos I am located at the Sun City office with Rancho Family Medical Group so I graduated from Ancient University in Egypt and then finished my internship in Kenya with the CDC program for HIV prevention then I just finished my residency in family medicine with USH SoCal at the Temecula Valley Hospital California so coming from this background in Egypt and Kenya I believe in prevention I strongly believe that prevention is the most effective and most efficient and cost effective way of treatment I’m passionate about weight loss and woman health I grew up in a catholic school where the nun had a clinic every Friday and I used to volunteer there and I saw how they are making different every time they step in the clinic by changing people’s lives so I like to make a difference and I like to help the community I am a mother of two boys both of them are scouts and we enjoy doing all the scout activities during my outside of my clinic time so that includes community services hiking and camping and I enjoyed joining the boys in all their activities I am Dr. Nermeen Aklatios and I’m eager to partner with you in your health journey

How do I request a prescription refill?

You can request a prescription refill by logging into your MyChart account and requesting a refill on the Medications page, or you can call (951) 676-4193 to request a refill over the phone.