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Dr. Jamey Sotis


A native of Minnesota, Dr. Jamey Sotis grew up in the Midwest and attended the University of Notre Dame. During his undergrad, he had the unique pleasure of being the Notre Dame mascot, the Leprechaun. After completing his bachelors degree, he pursued a masters degree in Bioethics from Trinity Graduate School in Chicago, further preparing him for his ultimate goal of becoming a physician. Afterward, he returned home to complete his family medicine residency through the University of Minnesota. After practicing in the Midwest for a decade, he and his family moved west to California and joined Rancho Family Medical Group. 

Dr. Sotis’ passion for health extends well beyond the doors of his clinic, as he is constantly encouraging his patients, as well as his own family, to engage in healthy activities. Dr. Sotis and his wife enjoy running, biking, and hiking together. Last year he finished IRONMAN 70.3 Oceanside and has an ultimate goal of training for, and finishing a full IRONMAN!

Dr. Sotisextraordinary passion for health and wellness matches the elite care he provides for his patients as one of Ranchos most beloved Doctors. Hes looking forward to meeting you and partnering with you in your health.

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Dr. Jamey Sotis

Susan Lee


Susan Lee grew up in Las Vegas and moved to San Diego where she received her B.S. degree in General Biology from the University of California, San Diego. Susan is board certified and accredited by the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants and has a Master of Science degree in Physician Assistant Studies from Marshall B. Ketchum University. Prior to PA school, Susan used to be a medical scribe here at Rancho Family Medical Group for 4 years and has served in medical missions to the Philippines.

When asked about what she enjoys most about practicing medicine, Susan says, Family Medicine has a special place in my heart, and I truly enjoy making personal connections with my patients. Practicing medicine and advocating for patients to live a better, healthier lifestyle to prevent medical illness is a priority.”

In terms of hobbies, Susan loves photography, traveling, and cooking. She enjoys both yoga and strength training and being outdoors. Susan also loves spending quality time with her fiancé, family, and friends and her two lovely dogs!

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Cauliflower Steaks with Dr. Sotis and Dr. Vincent:

All right hey everybody, Stephen with Rancho Family Medical Group and we have two guests, this time we have Dr. Jamie Sotis at our Murrieta Hot Springs location and Dr. Kyle Vincent at our Redhawk location and we are back here in the beautiful sunshine and we’re gonna do one more recipe for you. We figured guys hang out time what’s better than steaks well we’re gonna do a little bit different with cauliflower steaks. That’s maybe not as exciting as you were hoping for a nice like porterhouse or something like that but we’re gonna switch it up. So we’re gonna make that, go ahead and stay tuned we’re excited to show you. All right so what we’re going to get started is we got a couple components here, we’ve got the tzatziki sauce which I have to apologize to Dr. Sotis he’s greek and I talked to you like what two days ago, the only greek person in the universe who doesn’t like tzatziki and i told him that i would come in with a different recipe and as soon as this car pulled up i realized i did not try this one. Okay this is really good this is our recipe so we’ve got greek yogurt a lot of times tzatziki sauce will have some put mayonnaise in it but a lot of them are going to be a sour cream and greek yogurt. You don’t want that we are subbing the sour cream because greek yogurt is just it’s healthier in general it’s got some better fats in there so we have that we’ve got cucumber which Dr. Vincent is gonna dice here in just a moment and then we’ve got some dill and some cilantro for on top and some lemon juice, so while he gets going i’m putting the sauce together then we’ve got here Dr. Sotis with the cauliflower uh we removed the bottom piece so you just have the big heads of cauliflower and for the steaks he’s just gonna do a nice like inch yeah go ahead nice inch long or inch thick piece right on just like that that’s perfect right here look at that okay it broke apart a little bit that’s all right not a problem the other pieces are good it’ll stay together like i said it’ll stay together just like that just like watch that stay together perfect look at that right that one’s staying together theoretically, theoretically yeah it’ll come together you get a little heat in that action there we go yep those are that’s a beautiful one that is that is a beautiful now i did see that it kind of warns you that you’re only going to get a couple because they will break apart yeah um but those are great so just like that give me one more good slice from there. all right yeah no it’s that one’s still intact and so i will say one quick thing is that this is not all of a sudden ruined you can really finish grating that up and make some really good cauliflower rice i do that all the time in our house yeah so there we go so let me or even a soup cauliflower soup is that because your wife is a nutritionist she is she is and she has some deceptively delicious uh you know i would say recipes that we’ve put together over the years you know when you’re trying to get your four-year-old to eat cauliflower soup or you gotta get creative yeah right you wanna make homemade mac and cheese and you know you want to get some cauliflower in there in that sauce or something like that you mix it up and yeah you can be deceptively delicious okay yeah and nutritious so we’ve worked that a time or two in our house i would imagine so so we obviously this is a vegetarian diet which is really great um it would work with a lot of the main diets but this specifically we’re going along with the dash diet yeah are you familiar with that can you give me a little bit of run down yeah yeah you know i mean i’m sure that if you asked Dr. Vincent you know and any of our colleagues like what is one of the most significant conditions that you see coming into clinic patients adults what is one of the most significant cardiovascular diseases that we see and hypertension is definitely one of them so, when you look at i think some of the ways that we try to treat it you know more than just throwing pills at people more than just trying to you know think about lowering blood pressure with a with a medicine we try to talk about you know i’d say lifestyle management and nutrition is definitely one of those ways so the D.A.S.H. diet for those of you who might not be familiar it stands for dietary approaches to stopping hypertension interesting yeah so you talk about you know a lot of the diets that people are probably more familiar with you talk about Whole30 you talk about keto you talk about ways you know in general that people try to substitute you know a lot of the high fat foods that we consume fatty foods that are you know either deep fried or fast food things like that process yeah processed exactly right so we try to substitute that with you know fresh vegetables and i think one of the things like my my wife when she when she trains and teaches a lot of people when you talk about the grocery store and you think about shopping the outer you know ring of the grocery store as opposed to all the processed food that’s in the middle aisles right so you talk about some of this this fresh food and so we talk about vegetables and trying to increase vegetables in your diet and so you don’t need to you know necessarily put a label on it to help our patients say let’s really try to ramp up and increase the amount of vegetables that we consume on a daily basis right or looking at our at our plate you know and saying okay what does that look like how many vegetables do we have on that plate right how colorful is it yes exactly right that’s a big it’s a big indicator so you know i’d say these are components when you’re talking about vegetables uh being a you know a healthy part of a diet it’s definitely part of that D.A.S.H. diet gotcha yeah that’s awesome so what we’ll do right now is we’re going to put a little bit of olive oil on this but one thing to note if you have a really good steak recipe or a a marinade you can marinate this just like you would so if you have a certain seasoning or a certain type of maybe, it’s like a teriyaki steak or a rub you can do it the exact same way um so what we’re going to do if you can hand me that olive oil real quick because we’re going to throw these on the grill we’re going to cover them with a little bit of olive oil and some salt and pepper just to keep it keep it simple however this can go in the oven um and bake it it’s a really great way to do it and then we’ll go here again be gentle because they they definitely will break apart on you Dr. Sotis did a good job keeping them together for us good knife it’s all about it this is a good knife we talked about that in an earlier segment right yeah it’s all about a good knife a little bit of pepper on here and so we’re gonna take this over to the grill right now throw it on the high heat turn it on high really let the grill warm up if you’re gonna go that route so we’ll go ahead and throw that on there right now

okay so Dr. Sotis put the cauliflower on the grill we’re gonna do on high heat we’ve got like three minutes aside give it a nice 45 degree angle to get the char char marks get those on there and then we’ll flip them make it look like a legit steak right that’s exactly right that’s it they’re they’re called steaks magically squint yeah we’ll see how we do perfect then we’re going to go over here we’re going to keep this moving along because some of us don’t have hair so i’m getting sunburned by the second yeah so we’re going to go over here we’ve got the sauce take me through the sauce so we have uh you mentioned greek yogurt but then we have dill cucumber and uh garlic clove that we’re going to mix in and and then lemon juice as well that’s going to be all part of it here so let me get my ingredients here perfect that all comes together that’s a pretty traditional sauce that you can put it on almost anything and it’s going to be good um unless maybe your Dr. Sotis who’s going to limit his intake my wife will be impressed yes okay well you’re going to be the first bite then yeah so we got some good lemon juice and then do you have a spoon over there yeah that’s right perfect we’ll give that a good mix and that is a really delicious base that can go right on top of this um it looks good it does look very very good we make this all the time at our house with just some grilled chicken right on the side or anything like that looks perfect it looks good with those diced cucumbers right yeah yeah along with the minced but there’s minced corn i know excellent they’re dropping inside jokes inside our video when they didn’t know we were talking about the difference between slice the cucumber dip it in the sauce with the diced cucumber and the minced cloves so Dr. Sotis all coming together scale of one to ten reinforce it we’re gonna ask you because i already asked him scale of one to ten what is your cooking abilities if i’m honest honestly it’s a one it’s a one maybe a two because i can i can grill up some mean stuff right um but uh yeah it’s gonna be if i’m gonna be honest and i have to answer to um the master chef in our house um yeah what would your wife say would she say you’re a woman she said she’s a 10. she’s a 10. yeah yeah very smart all right let’s take a look at that cauliflower and see how it looks she would say i was probably being um i was overstating myself it’s so funny no not at all

that is looking good

all right so the cauliflower’s been on the grill for about 10 minutes total you know we just flipped it and it’s just about ready to go the uh tzatziki sauce is looking credible ready to go too so Dr. Sotis why don’t you grab the plate and go grab our cauliflower let’s do this huh all right let’s see how we’re doing look at that char broil look there you got some good good-looking steak look at that excellent one of them might have fallen apart but that’s okay because we’ll make it work we’ll take that little bit with us there drop this down it’s looking good gentlemen looking good that’s incredible so one of the good things about this vegetable is because it’s pretty dense it does have it has a meaty type flavor same thing with like portobello mushrooms this would work really really well with a grilled portobello mushroom we made blt’s earlier but we switched the bacon with mushrooms yes and part of what we said is like it’s good but it’s not it’s bacon this is very good it’s not a filet mignon but it is very very good it’s way healthier so all you do is right here for the presentation is i learned this from a chef chef at E.A.T. Marketplace in Temecula the chef there Leah does a bunch of cooking stuff with us and she always does this is gonna be a disaster but she goes here and she does like a fancy little shmear yeah that’s the e-marketplace shmear but also if i were at home i would just like throw it on top throw a little dollop on top so there you go really good summer recipe for you guys to try with Dr. Sotis here Dr. Vincent would love you guys to come make these at home come in let them know how it goes bring them a photo of for sure of how it turned out but um incredible thank you guys for both coming and uh stole my high five all right we’ll see you guys next time here at Choose Health talk to you soon.

Dr. Sotis Intro Video:

My name is Dr. Jamey Sotis and I’m located at the Murrieta Hot Springs office off of sky canyon road. I’ve been with Rancho two and a half years after my family and I moved from the midwest to California. I have a wife and three boys and I grew up in the midwest and attended the University of Notre Dame for my undergraduate degree went to Ross University School of Medicine and then finished up my family medicine residency at the University of Minnesota in 2008. I’ve been practicing medicine for over a decade and as a family physician i think i have an opportunity to not only treat the whole person but sometimes even the whole family across the whole spectrum of life. My passion for health extends well beyond the walls of my clinic. My family and I try to get outside and be as active as we can whenever we can. My wife and I also participate in a lot of races and right now I’m training for a triathlon and I have a long-term goal of being an ironman so whatever your goals are, whatever your aspirations are for your health, I would love to partner with you on this wellness journey.

Dr. Sotis Eye Contact Discussion:

Hey everyone my name is Sienna Boyd, I am the community rep at Rancho Family Medical and we are here with Dr. Jamey Sotis who practices out of our Sky Canyon location today we’re chatting about doctor eye contact I’ve been hearing through the grapevine as I’ve been in the valley for a while it’s really hard to get doctors to look at you when you were in clinic and Rancho Family Medical really puts a lot of effort and intention into breaking that stereotype can you tell us more about that? Yeah no thanks for having me Sienna um I mean one of the things that I think really sets Rancho apart is the ability for the scribes to work with the providers in the room and allow the providers I think to have that contact where they’re building that rapport by maintaining that eye contact and letting people know that they are listening because I think you know that kind of tried and true statement that you know people don’t really care how much you know until they know how much you care and part of the ways I think that we communicate that we care is by showing eye contact that we’re listening yeah and so I think medical scribes give us an opportunity to do that better. Tell me more about our medical scribes what does that mean on like if you’re in a visit and you’re seeing your primary care you’re seeing Dr. Sotis what does the medical scribe do so when we go in to see our patients? A medical scribe will come into the room with us and they’ll bring their laptop and so they will access the patient’s chart and they’ll be able to document in the charts what we’re talking about in that visit and so as patients communicate their information about the reason that they’re there or their medical history then the scribe is able to put all that information in the chart real time while we’re talking to the patient so I can continue to maintain that eye contact and listen as they’re telling me the story about their chest pain or telling me the story about their knee because a lot of times for patients really the big the big idea is that they have a story that comes with their situation their problem and oftentimes you know busy doctors who you know busy providers who don’t have scribes are trying to get that information down and only the best of the best probably could type and look at the patient at the same time and maintain that eye contact but it’s uh it’s a very difficult task if you don’t have a scribe to try to capture that information and build that rapport right and so Rancho really does invest so much into making sure that our providers our providers have those scribes so that you are free to get to know your patients I feel like it’d be a lot more difficult to truly get to know them if you’re just sitting there trying to document what they’re saying as opposed to hearing the story behind it right right absolutely I mean and we know right I mean you talk about communication right so 80 you know of what you say is how you say it right so that means you know if I’m at a computer and I’m like this what does that communicate versus being being able to kind of lean in looking in the eye listen to your story communicates a whole lot more and so I think you know having scribes that can do that who are super articulate in medical terminology they know what we’re talking about and are able to document that so that as a provider you can go back in and have captured the information that you need I think it just it allows for the relationship for patient physician provider patient um to grow and essentially in primary care you know a family medicine that’s really what it’s about because you’re dealing with people not just you know necessarily in an emergency department setting um or urgent care setting uh that we do have with those services you know but when you’re in a primary care setting you’re seeing these patients again and again and again over you know a continuum time and so it’s important to make sure that we’ve captured that information appropriately and accurately definitely well I’ve talked to some of your patients they feel that you are a very good listener they feel that they are cared for and I think that has a lot to do with the fact that you can take that time actually sit with them have eye contact look them in the eye absolutely have somebody else taking those notes and so I know your patients really do feel very cared for so thank you for explaining what absolutely we do here at Rancho Family we so appreciate it if you’re looking for another primary care physician or you’re looking for someone to take care of you in that way Dr. Sotis is accepting new patients at our Sky Canyon location thanks so much for joining us you’re welcome thank you

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