Rancho Family Medical Group Updates

Welcome to Fireside Chats! Rancho Family Medical Group wants to keep everyone informed as to what’s happening within Rancho as a whole. In this new series, we’ll be posting updates regarding changes within Rancho, introduce you to new faces, and address some common questions and concerns that may arise as we continue to grow.

Newest Episode!

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Episode 11. Tiffani Mauro, VP of Operations

In this episode, Tiffani Mauro, our new VP of Operations, chats with us about her new role here at Rancho and what exciting news we have planned for our operations here at Rancho!

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Episode 10. Akila Malik, VP of Population Health

In this episode, Akila Malik, our new VP of Population Health, chats with us about her new role here at Rancho and what that means for all our patients, providers, and staff moving forward!

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Episode 9. Mario Minardi, Director of Provider Relations

In this episode, Mario Minardi, our Director of Provider Relations, chats with us about his new role here at Rancho and what that means for all our providers moving forward!

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Episode 8. Veronica Bullington, Senior Operations Manager

Veronica Bullington, our Senior Operations Manager, chats with us about how she came to Rancho and her role as the Senior Operations Manager. We’ll also share some exciting updates regarding staffing and operations!

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Episode 7. Stephen Byrne, Vice President of Marketing

Stephen Byrne, our Vice President of Marketing, chats with us about the different roles of the marketing team. We’ll take a look at what goes on within marketing, both on the content side and the patient relations side, and how those efforts impact not only our current patients, but our future patients as well.

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Episode 6. Patrick Costello, Chief Development Officer

In this episode, Patrick Costello, our new Chief Development Officer, chats with us about the role of a Development Officer and what it consists of along with plans of growing and taking what’s great here at Rancho and expanding it to new areas throughout Southern California and beyond!

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Episode 5. Kim VanDenBaard, Vice President Controller

Meet Kim VanDenBaard, our new Vice President Controller! We’ll take a look at what exactly a Vice President Controller does and what we can be anticipating in the future in our finance department.

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Episode 4. Lynn Grennan, CFO Introduction

Meet Lynn Grennan, our new Chief Financial Officer! We’ll take a look at what exactly a CFO does and what exciting things we can be anticipating in the future to make for a more efficient and user friendly experience.

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Episode 3. Operations Update with David Burke

In this video, David Burke, our Chief Operations Officer, along with Sienna, discuss the topic of organizational charts and what they are. We’ll also talk about the roles of different people including CEO, the different division heads of Rancho, and how that plays a role in the day to day operations of our company.

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Episode 2. Direct Contracting with Dr. Madrid

You may be wondering, “what in the world is direct contracting and how does it work?” Dr. Madrid along with Sienna, will discuss everything you need to know about direct contracting and how it benefits not only our company, but also our patients.

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Episode 1. Rancho Update with Josh Snow

In this video, CEO Josh Snow talks with Sienna Boyd about some of the changes happening here at Rancho Family Medical. We’ll introduce you to some new faces in admin and describe how their roles play a part in bettering Rancho as a whole. We’ll also address some common questions and concerns.

Who We Are

We are family physicians serving south Riverside county with the highest quality of care. Rancho’s goal is to approach medicine differently by offering more cohesive care and education that extends beyond the four walls of the exam room. We do not just make suggestions and write prescriptions, we have taken steps to improve the health of our patients. Our family physicians have developed educational content that empowers their community to make healthy lifestyle changes.  We also have free senior centers for our patients 65 and older that are full of exercise and nutrition classes as well as full online courses teaching a wide variety of health topics. We pride ourselves on going beyond the exam room to make our community healthier and happier.

How do I request a prescription refill?

You can request a prescription refill by logging into your MyChart account and requesting a refill on the Medications page, or you can call (951) 676-4193 to request a refill over the phone.