Rancho Family Marketing

Our Mission

Our marketing objective at Rancho Family Medical Group is to highlight our providers and the services we offer in unique and engaging ways. We want our patients to feel confident in the reasons why they may choose a particular physician and we accomplish this by filming various videos and promotional content outside of the exam room, better highlighting each provider’s personality.

We also know patient appointments can move quickly and it is impossible for our physicians to fully educate their patients on everything surrounding their health in this amount of time. This is why we have also created Choose Health, an online education platform where our providers help create health content to educate the community on healthy habits and lifestyle habits.

Health Magazines

Our health magazines are one of the biggest tools we use to separate us from our competitors as well as really promote community engagement and awareness of our providers. Each magazine will focus on 1-2 main topics surrounding health. From there, our marketing team works hard crafting articles with the doctors and getting photos for each spread to produce a 24-42 page magazine that we mail directly to people in the community. Most magazines will be mailed directly to 80k plus homes in our valley as well as extra copies to be placed in local businesses. The example here is for a recent diet magazine. We partnered with a local dietician and broke down 4 major diets people often ask about. We included recipes, tips, and articles all from our doctors. We will NEVER use a stock image at Rancho. Every photo in these magazines were taken by our team with purpose and direction.


Videos are vital to our marketing efforts at Rancho Family. Our magazines can grab the attention of a potential patient, but the videos on our website, YouTube channel and Facebook ads typically seal the deal. So many of our physicians have amazing personalities and we love that videos can really showcase that better than anything else. We film introduction videos for each provider covering a few standard questions like “why medicine?” and “what are your hobbies?” Then we often break out of the clinic and film things like cooking shows where the provider whips up their favorite dish, or maybe even a doctor will teach a lesson on how to grow mini Banzai plants as a hobby (yes, we have done that). The point is, we use videos to showcase our doctors in really fun ways that no one else in medicine is doing. We trust physicians with our health and lives, why not get to know them a little better?

Choose Health

As briefly mentioned above, Choose Health is our online education platform. We like to tell our physicians to imagine they have an entire production company at their fingertips, ready to bring their knowledge and tips to the community. We have entire courses on topics like kitchen basics, nutrition, pilates at home, and even CrossFit for seniors. We also have a wide variety of easy-to-make recipes taught by our doctors or local chefs with videos and step by step instructions. We have diagnosis resources where patients with various illnesses can come for information and helpful suggestions. Our goal is to extend beyond the clinic walls and into the homes of our patients to promote healthier living.

The Process

Our team is excited and ready to get Primary Medical Group’s marketing efforts rolling!

Step 1: Website headshot & Video

  1. Block off Physicians:
    We need each provider blocked off for 30 minutes. In this time, we will get each provider’s headshot for the website as well as a 1-2 minute introduction video. Ideally, we need providers at each location blocked off in a row. For example, if there are 3 providers working at the Johnson office, we would like Physician 1 blocked off from 9am-9:30, then Physician 2 from 9:45-10:15, then Physician 3 from 10:30-11. You can see a detailed breakdown HERE

     2.  Attire: 
Please ask each provider to come with professional dress attire. Because we remove the background and place the physician on a white website, we ask that physicians do NOT wear/ rely on a white lab coat. Colors pop well and look best. Please see example physicians page here to get a visual of the style: PHYSICIAN WEB PAGE EXAMPLE

     3. Props
We also like to get a photo of providers holding a prop or two that symbolizes a hobby or interest outside of the office. In the link above, Dr. Sotis runs iron man competitions and chose to have his helmet, shoes and goggles in his hands. Others have used coffee cups, golf clubs, rock climbing gear, ect. Something fun to showcase a skill or hobby they have. This is not required however we have found patients have really enjoyed these photos.

     4. Video Questions
The physician introduction videos are very casual and do not need to be scripted. because we aim for a natural sounding interview, we do not always provide questions ahead of time. However, if you feel some physicians would benefit from question examples, here are a list of questions we typically ask for the video:

  1. What is your name, and where are you from? 2. When did you decide you wanted to pursue medicine? Did you know at young age or was the love for health discovered later in life? 3. what do you enjoy doing outside of the office? what are your hobbies? 4. If not a physician, what else would you have pursued as a career? 

We can work quickly and would like to have ALL providers blocked off and completed over a 2 day span. The link below is a suggested “map” and guideline we could follow.  VIEW TIMELINE

Step 2: Magazine

The first major campaign we will run for PMG is a magazine directly mailed out to the senior population throughout the county. We will send the magazine out  right before Open Enrollment (Oct 15). The magazine will feature Physicians only and will showcase a health article as well as a short bio of each doctor. We will conduct short interviews (done next week as we get to know everyone) to find out what each physician’s interests are. Our team will craft articles related to their specific interests and from there we will schedule photoshoots outside of the clinic with the doctors. The examples to the left are from the same type of magazine we used in our area. Please scroll through to get an idea of the types of articles/ content we will get here. These shoots are very important to us because they will really get the providers out of the clinic and often out of their comfort zones. We use this time to build strong working relationships with your team and we are very confident they will love the finished product. 

Once we get an idea of what each provider will be doing for their page, we will begin scheduling. Most should need an hour-2 hours blocked off per shoot. We will aim to schedule these shoots in Early- Mid August, however after next week we will have an idea of what is needed so we can block them off soon. This will prevent us from having to move patients around.

Step 3: Connect Events

As we build interest from the senior community and showcase our providers in new and fun ways via the magazine, we then have our “Connect Events”. These are short 10-20 minute events where senior (non-patients) can come and meet the doctor before switching. Our community Representative, Sienna, will give an overview to the guests about the group, what insurances we accept, hospital affiliations, the specialist network, and also field any questions they have. Then the provider will come in and say hello and give a short 2-5 minute introduction about who they are. We love them to cover things like: Their holistic approach to medicine, why they choose to be a doctor, and their overall goal in the clinic. 

Typically we then open it up to a few questions and the doctor can return to clinic. Sienna then schedules appointments with interested patients or even calls their insurance plan together to help switch them. We have found these events to be crucial to our senior growth and found that our providers  also enjoy the short gatherings.

We will begin these events in October and will begin blocking the providers off for 30 minutes in August once the locations and times are set.

How do I request a prescription refill?

You can request a prescription refill by logging into your MyChart account and requesting a refill on the Medications page, or you can call (951) 676-4193 to request a refill over the phone.