NP-C Mary Steinhoff

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If you are 65 and older, we have a designated team to help answer your questions regarding insurances, providers, specialists, and even scheduling meet the doctor events.

Get to know Mary Steinhoff!

Mary Steinhoff has been a registered nurse for over 30 years. She has worked as an RN in a variety of roles, mostly in hospitals as a surgical nurse, ER nurse, radiology nurse and a nursing supervisor. Being an ER nurse gave her the tools and invaluable resources to handle any clinical situation. Because Mary is so passionate about her nursing career, she went back to school in 2015 to complete her Master’s degree in Nursing from Cal State San Marcos. She has been working at RFMG for close to a decade and enjoys every bit of it!

Recent Patient Reviews

Angela C.
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I love seeing Mary Steinhoff for my health concerns . She always listens and I never feel she is rushing through an appointment. She is very thorough and attentive, in a warm and friendly way. I recommend Mary to anyone who asks who I see, and it's nice to be able to have a great practitioner in our small town of Fallbrook.
Karen M.
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Mary answered every question and gave excellent direction and advice. Thanks for taking such good care!
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Mary is organized, takes the time to listen and remember, is sensitive and genuinely empathic. She knows her medicine. We are lucky to have her.

Medical Home Pairing

To give our patients the most cohesive medical care, our Physicians and APP’s are paired together in our medical homes. This means that our Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners are working alongside our physicians to ensure your care plan is being closely monitored at all times.

Dr. Anna Miller

Family Physician , DO

How do I request a prescription refill?

You can request a prescription refill by logging into your MyChart account and requesting a refill on the Medications page, or you can call (951) 676-4193 to request a refill over the phone.